line drawing

a part of Line Drawing
curated by Linda Marie Walker
South Australian School of Art
July - August 2008

implements, actions and a scoring of moments involved the installation of an arena of objects - of bits and pieces cobbled together from past projects - to produce a setting for the staging of actions. A score was developed which involved a sequence of instructions outlining a set of possibilities for engaging each of the 'implements' presented.

The booklet was given to four willing bodies: those of John Barbour, Linda Marie Walker, Bridget Currie and Stephen Whittington. The booklet was positioned as a device used to produce a specific kind of awkward encounter, between participants and the work, and between each other. The score was soon abandoned for disarray.

performance on July 14th 2008 with John Barbour, Bridget Currie, Bianca Hester, Linda-Marie Walker & Stephen Whittington