approaching and departing three grounds

approaching and departing four grounds
Presented at the Lithuanian Club during action/response
curated by Hanna Matthews, North Melbourne
March 22, 2013

assistance from Helen Walter and Agatha Goethe-Snape
photos by Kay Abude and Laresa Kosloff

This work is part of an ongoing experiment in which the steel rings are spun upon the ground of many different sites over time, as a way to generate a set of overlapping rhythms and discontinuities. A sonic field emerges in each specific event of encounter between the steel of the rings and the materiality of the ground(s) upon which they are spun. Also, because there are multiple rings, lots of interesting cross-rhythms emerge.

The work presented involved a relay of activity between the street outside the Lithuanian Club in North Melbourne, and the stage and the ballroom inside the club. Initially, three rings were activated outside upon asphalt. Then once inside the club, one ring was set into motion upon the stage while the the other six were activated in the ballroom. Three people tended to spinning all the rings at once, facilitating their motion in an ongoing fashion for the duration of an hour. One of us worked with the single hoop on the stage, while the other two remained in the ballroom. We swapped roles over the hour, as in a relay.