open your doors and windows

You are invited to participate in a project which asks you to open up all the doors and windows that face the street, for an hour on Saturday April 28th between 11am - 12noon, 2012.

You may be wondering, why? Why would I want to open up my doors and windows? There are a multitude of reasons that you are being asked to do so.

Firstly, you are being invited to be part of an event with a group of people who you may or may not know (all of those others who live with and beside you on your street). If you choose to participate in this event, you will be engaging collectively with these people who live a life different from, but parallel to your own. For a moment you will be engaging something simultaneously. As beings dwelling within an urban context, we live within spaces that are very clearly demarcated from each other. This project brings attention to this division, allowing for the idea of a potential opening up of the domestic interior to the shared space of the street.

It is spring. The air carries upon it the scent of transformation. The air is a mostly imperceptible material that completely surrounds us. It is a current that carries residue from one space to another. Opening your doors and windows for a while will enable this air to pass into the constructed spaces of your life a little bit more.

The equinox occurred last Saturday 21st of April, in which the light of day and the shadow of night were distributed equally across the surface of the earth at the point upon which you dwell right now. On Saturday April 28th the sun will rise at 05:40am and set at 8:51pm, giving light for 15 hours, 10 minutes and 51 seconds. Some of this light will pass across the threshold of your house and into the architecture that provides the spatial structure to your living.

The incessant sounding of birds punctuates the air intermittently, providing a particular kind of rhythm across the day. Through an opening this sound will penetrate the depths of your habitat in a way that would not be possible when the apertures of your home are closed.

This project has been developed by the Melbourne-based artist Bianca Hester who is working with The Common Guild Gallery during the Glasgow International Festival for visual arts. It is a fragment that comprises a larger project. For more information visit