provisional devices


Prop development and installation: Bianca Hester
Spatial design processes: with Daniel van Cleemput
Movement and cheoregraphic work: with Jude Walton
Essay: Dylan Rainforth

Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces
Melbourne 2007

Throughout October, studio 12 was utilized as a workroom in which a series of props were installed and incorporated into processes involving materially-oriented drawings and choreographic sequences.

Melbourne architect Daniel van Cleemput was invited to engage these props in a series of experimental collaborative process. Hester and Cleemput worked with the props in order to explore the possibilities for generating a series of spatial designs for a future built project.

Concurrently, artist-performer Jude Walton was invited to engage the same series of objects. Working from the installation at a particular phase of its development, Hester and Walton generated a score which was then developed into a sequence of movements/actions and working towards a multi-faceted choreography for video.

Provisional Devices For The Production of A Propositional Living Space was positioned as a work-in-process for the generation and development of choreographies, drawings, constructions and videos through a series of one-to-one collaborations.
Project Acknowledgements:
Dylan Rainforth, Dr Linda Marie Walker, Terri Bird, Jude Walton, Daniel van Cleemput, Spiros Panigirakis, Scott Mitchell, and Saskia Schut.

installation residue and formations

working with Jude Walton

video still of movement sequence in development

provisional devices for a propositional living space from Bianca Hester on Vimeo.

working with Daniel Van Cleemput

sequences from video documentation