Bianca Hester’s practice explores the convergences between social space, materiality and embodiment as processes in motion. Her practice explores the manifold rhythms at play within and across various sites, generating and interposing other temporalities (movements – materialities – actions) in order to open up possibilities for how we might engage, encounter and occupy place. The work she produces emerges in response to specific material, social and spatial conditions, often involving the fashioning of site-based alterations, actions, constructions, objects, collaborations and video. More recently, she has been developing projects that work directly with the fabric of the city which attempt to bring about an expanded form of public sculpture where multiple relations converge.

Recent projects include: Converging in time, (with Open Spatial Workshop), MUMA, 2017; movements materialising momentarily, ST PAUL St Gallery, Auckland (2015); Down City Streets (with the Space Place and Country research group 2015); Fashioning Discontinuities presented during the 19th Biennale of Sydney (2014); Hoops: sound tests, performances, documents, Melbourne Now, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne (2013); only from the perspective of a viewer situated upon the surface of the earth does day and night occur, Glasgow International Festival for Visual Arts, (2012); a world fully accessible by no living being, which was the winning entry for the Melbourne Prize for Urban Sculpture (2011); please leave these windows open overnight to enable the fans to draw in cool air during the early hours of the morning, The Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (2010); and projectprojects at The Showroom in London (2008). The book titled accommodating spaces, materials, projects, people, videos, actions, objects, thoughts: relatively was published in 2009 by the Narrows. She is represented by Sarah Scout Gallery Melbourne and is currently developing two publications through Public Office and Surpluss.

Hester completed PhD at RMIT in 2007 which won a University research prize in 2008. She was a founding member of CLUBSpropject inc in Melbourne (2002-2007), and is a continuing member of the Open Spatial Workshop collective with Scott Mitchell and Terri Bird since 2003. Hester has lectured at Victorian College of the Arts (2004-2012) and the Sydney College of the Arts (2016), where she was a post-doctoral research fellow and the co-leader of the Space, Place and Country research cluster with Dr Saskia Beudel between 2013-2016. She is currently a Sidney Myer Creative Fellow (2017-2018), an Artspace studio resident throughout 2017 and a Senior Lecturer at UNSW Art and Design.